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Friday, January 21, 2011


Speekee is an online video series that teaches children Spanish. We received all 10 episodes as part of TOS Crew. We have never studied Spanish in our homeschool so the girls were really excited to try something new. While the video plays the Spanish words appear on the bottom of the screen which really helped in seeing exactly what they were saying and for learning to spell the words. Along with the video there are worksheets that can be printed to reinforce the words that were just taught. Alaina age 6 liked the videos, but had no interest in completing the worksheets. Amber age 9 and Delaney age 8 loved the videos and the worksheets. They would watch the videos over and over again and once they were finished with their worksheets they would make a list of all the Spanish words they knew from memory. In less than a month they could remember and spell over 60 words. They loved Speekee so much they wanted to make some videos with the new words they learned. Hope you enjoy them (and understand them).

El Mercado
(The Market)
My girls love to play restaurant & store all the time & they use this stool for the checkout. On the paper one side said abiento (open) and the other said cerrado (closed).

 Mas (more) & Menos (less)

In each episode Speekee takes the children (who speak Spanish) to a different place which are the park, cafe, a house, zoo, classroom, market, bus station, beach, garden, and a party. The first episode they go to the park and they show you different things there. During the show they only speak Spanish, the subtitles are in Spanish and English to reinforce the words being spoken. You can visit the Speekee Scheme of Work page to view what each lesson is about and the words they introduce. Each unit builds on the words previously learned. Speekee is intended for children ages 2-10, but I think anyone can learn from this format. On the website you may watch a little bit of the first episode at the park to get a feel for the shows content.

Speekee is located in the United Kingdom and they have wonderful customer service. We didn't experience any problems with the product but there were a few members of TOS Crew that wanted to watch Speekee through their Wii. They contacted customer service and they made it possible for us to do so.

Speekee can be watched online for $7.50 per month with the first 2 weeks free with no minimum amount of months required. The episodes are also available on DVD but they are produced in Europe and you would need a DVD player that is PAL compatible.

Speekee logo
Head on over to TOS Crew blog and see what other members thought about SPEEKEE.
As a member of TOS Crew we recieved Speekee free of charge to use with my children in exchange for my review.


Mrs. Mandy said...

Your girls videos are so cute! Love that they really got into it great review.

Monica said...

Wow. ... your videos are adorable. My girls loved this program too. I think I want to subscribe in 2 years (ages 7 and 9) so they can really benefit from the worksheets and more interactive conversations. Nice review. Stopping by from the Crew.

Nameless said...

I understand the videos perfectly, Lisa. But then I did write the script! I am so happy to see your girls acting out the scenes they saw in Speekee. And they do it so well! Word perfect. Say Hola to them from me... Jim (the one who interacts with Speekee and the Spanish children).

Jen U. said...

Lisa- I love your videos of your girls! They are precious. We didn't have as good of an experience with Speekee as you did but I am glad to see that someone was able to benefit from the program.

SisterTipster said...

Awesome review!

I've given you THE Stylish Blogger Award~
Head over to to pick it up~
congrats and Have a blessed day!

Jen U. said...

Hi Lisa- I am giving you the same award that Sister T just gave you. *Grin*

Unknown said...

Your videos were fun to watch. I'm glad your family had so much fun with it!

Loretta said...

Isn't wonderful when children extend their learning on their own? Loved the videos.


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