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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Ice Cream

We have about 6 inches of snow today and it is suppose to keep snowing until sometime tomorrow. With so much snow we had to make Snow Ice Cream. It is so good and easy you will want to make some for yourself, the girls are taking some for youth group treats tonight at church.

Snow Ice Cream
1 quart of cream
3 Cups of sugar
2 Tablespoons vanilla
2 1/2 gallons of fresh clean snow

Mix the cream, sugar, and vanilla together and then stir in snow until it is stiff and frozen.

Our Christmas break is officially over. My husband has been on vacation this week, he goes back to work tomorrow and we will start school back up. We didn't go out of town for vacation we just stayed home and relaxed and caught up on some things that needed to be done around the house. Last weekend, my friends and I got together and scrapbooked. My friend from CO came up (she is a demonstrator for The Angel Company) so I had a party & earned some awesome stuff. I can't wait for it to get here.

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