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Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting It All Done

"If you work and homeschool, how do you juggle?" is the question for the Blog Cruise this week. All of us who have chosen to stay home to take care of our families and to educate our children at home work a lot of hours, but some of us have chosen to also have a job or work from home. I started decorating cakes in 1991 when our oldest child was about 9 months old. I had separated from the Air Force to be a stay at home mom and I started decorating cakes for something to do. We were stationed in Japan and a friend of mine was selling birthday cakes on base, when they got their orders to leave she gave all of her customers my name and it has just grown from there.

I decorate cakes and cookies for any occasions and some months are busier than others. Most people don't get married in the winter so there are months that I only have sheet cakes, cupcakes, and cookie orders. During this time we have school 5 days a week and try to get as much accomplished as we can. Mondays are a little hectic because that is the day most people call to order cakes for the weekend or to set up a time to come over to look at wedding cake pictures and have a cake tasting. When I have a wedding on Saturday I schedule all my cake tastings during the week. The phone calls and cake tastings make our school day a little longer. The kids either have a break during this time, work on some independent lessons or read books. When I have a wedding or big weekends like graduation, I need all day Friday to decorate so we have those days off from school. During those 4 day school weeks I will bake while we are doing school on Thursday, that means a lot of interruptions but we can get our work done while the cakes are in the oven. This also means I have to get all of the house cleaning, laundry and shopping done at the beginning of the week. If I need to deliver a cake I try to schedule it while we are going out anyway, with piano lessons, soccer, basketball, softball and now 4H for three kids, we are gone a lot. I try to decorate after school but sometimes I need to work in the morning and we have school later in the day. I have become very good at rearranging our schedule to fit it all in.

Now that my children are getting older I don't have as many interruptions while I am working so it doesn't take me as many hours, but I usually don't get much sleep on Friday night. I really liked when my teenagers were still at home, they would come home from work or bring their friends over and hang out in the kitchen with me, we had a lot of good conversations in the wee hours of the morning. Now I use that quiet time to communicate with God, reflect on things, or lately I have been listening to the Expo To Go recordings. I also have a very supportive husband, he understands how much work I put into our school and my business. If he is home when I am working he very willing helps out. He doesn't teach school or decorate cakes, but he will do my dishes and clean up after me. It is such a blessing to deliver a wedding cake and come home to a clean kitchen.

With everything that goes on around our house it can get a little crazy sometimes but we get it all done. I think it has been very good for my kids, they have learned how to decorate, deliver, and set up large cakes and it has taught them to work hard and to go above and beyond what is expected of them in all that they do even when they don't feel like it.

If you would like to see more pictures of my cakes you can on my website Lisa Cays Cakes or my Facebook Fan Page.
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Our Homeschool Reviews said...

What a beautiful cake! I wish I had that skill! I'm impressed with all you get done during the week! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kelly said...

Love that cake! I'm actually in the process of "growing" my business. Would love to have any suggestions. I do cakes for church events, but it's usually for the cost of supplies and not much else. I also have a page on my blog about my cakes, but haven't posted about one recently.

Vickie said...

Beautiful cake! I'm lucky to get birthday cakes done and I have some decorative pans that get requested more from the littles than the bigs. Using the different size star tips is about the extent of my cake decorating "expertise" LOL Sounds like you get out of bed running most days. Good for you. I think I need to find "something" that fits in between school subjects/kids.

Jodi said...

That cake is gorgeous and yummy looking! You are very talented. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this week's BC. Hope you'll join us again soon!

Dawn said...

You should have put more cake pictures! As you do a marevlous job! (I remember seeing other pics.) Blessings!

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