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Friday, December 3, 2010


I have enjoyed reading other people talk about the way they count down the days til Christmas, we have never done this. So yesterday while we were out shopping we ran across this little sleigh on sale for $9.99, so we decided to buy one. To get caught up on the first couple of days we missed we opened 2 today and we will open 2 tomorrow. The girls made little pieces of paper with bible verses on them for each door. We used verses that tell of the coming of Christ and his birth. I was planning on taking the day off of school today so we could make candy, but I had not told the girls. So I put a little note in the first door saying we could make candy & we weren't doing school.....they were so excited! Behind door #2 they each got a jawbreaker. Now I have to think of things to put inside the rest of the doors!

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