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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today our holiday bliss is for Alaina. The youngest in our family turns 6 today. She wanted her dad and her brother at her birthday party, they were both off of work yesterday, so we celebrated a day early. My husband always gets our daughters flowers on their birthday, this year it included a singing balloon.
Our lunch was still in the oven, so we opened gifts first.  

She wanted to have chicken potpies for lunch. She likes them made in ramikans, so everyone had their own potpie.

 She loves silly string and since it was close to 50° outside we all went out to play.

 She wanted everyone to race and then we played musical chairs.
Everyone knows when you turn 6 you can do everything yourself.

She did need help from big brother to get the child safety lighter on.

Happy 6th Birthday Alaina
We thank God that he has given you to us. 


jimi said...

Happy 6th Birthday Alaina!! What a very special day! What lasting memories you've created for your daughter and your whole family, Lisa. :) And Daddy bringing flowers to his special little sweet!

Jen U. said...

Happy 6th Birthday to your beautiful daughter! I just loved seeing the pictures from her party. What a fun time for all. Your family is so beautiful! I think it's adorable that your husband gets your daughters flowers too.

Michelle Smith said...

Happy 6th birthday! Lovely photos. It looks like you all had a wonderful day. Very sweet touch on daddy buying flowers for his birthday girl! :)

Catherine said...

I'm glad your sweet girl had a great birthday. I love attentive parents and loving families. It's no wonder your children smile so beautifully.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Happy Birthday to a precious little lady. It looks like someone had a delightful birthday.

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