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Friday, December 10, 2010

Good Morning, God

PhotobucketIt is so hard to find books that are good and instill Godly values in our small children. Good Morning, God from Apologia Press has done just that. Written by Davis Carman this book takes you through the whole week while teaching your child to remember God throughout each day. This book sells for $14.00 and is recommended for children ages 1-8 and also contains a set of questions and activities to answer for each day of the week.

This book can be used different ways, of course we had to read the whole book as soon as we received it in the mail. The first time I read to the girls, then my 5 year old worked her way through reading it & did a very good job. Then for 8 days we read the book each day so that we could answer the questions and do the activities in the back. My 5 year old liked the book the best, but the questions listed for each day really got my 8 & 9 year old girls talking more about God, His love for us and the fact that we all sin.

The story teaches the child to worship with all his being, heart, mind, body, soul, thoughts, and strength. There are questions and activities for each day of the week that goes along with the day. For example on Wednesday the book talks about worshiping with the body, one of the activities have them draw a human body and label major body parts. They ask questions about what the child likes to do & leads up to asking the child if they know what sin is and if they have ever sinned.

Alaina really loved the illustrations in this book, on one page there is a picture in color then on the next page the picture is just a black and white drawing. She immediately wanted to know if she could color in the book, we did a little research and found that Apologia also publishes a coloring book to go along with it.
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As a member of TOS Crew I received Good Morning, God free of charge from Apologia Press in exchange for my review.

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jimi said...

What a great unit study. I love books that have coloring or activities for the little ones to do while I read the story. Thanks for sharing this!

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