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Monday, November 22, 2010

Hands on Geography

PhotobucketAre you looking for extra activities to include in you Geography studies? Do you have trouble coming up with ideas to use for teaching Geography? Then you may be interested in Hands on Geography. This 142 page book written by Maggie S. Hogan is published by Bright Idea Press.

According to the introduction Geography is often neglected and as a nation we are geographically illiterate. I would have to agree to this, I have acquired most of my knowledge of geography as an adult from teaching my own children and traveling. I want my kids to have a good grasp of the world that God has given us to enjoy and Hands on Geography has a lot of fun activities to help it become real to them.

Hands on Geography is not intended to be used straight through, you pick and choose what activities you use when. The book contains reproducible maps, directions and cards for homemade games, projects for making and using different types of maps, you can create a passport, or take a journey with Joseph using a map, and your bible. This book has so much, there is a chapter on Missionary and Geography, Genealogy and Geography, Nature and Geography, Language Arts and Geography, & History and Geography to name a few.

We signed up to participate in a United States post card swap this school year & are using several of the activities in this book to go along with it. We made a USA Passport by using the geography flash cards (which has the state shape, capital, state flower & bird) and included a page blank page for each state. Every time we get a postcard in the mail we add information about that state into our passport. We are also using some of the questions from the My Country Notebook pages to record other information. The book also suggests writing a letter to the Chamber of Commerce for each state to receive free information like maps and brochures. We are in the process of doing this activity and we decided to use manilla envelopes to hold our information & will make a notebook of states once we get enough items.

We will be using this book for years to come and at $14.95 I would recommend this to anyone with children in the K-5 grade levels. You may purchase it at Bright Ideas Press.

The members of TOS Crew reviewed several different items from Bright Ideas Press so if you would like to see what other items were reviewed and what people have to say about them you can do that at TOS Crew site.

As a member of TOS Crew I received Hands on Geography from Bright Ideas Press free of charge in exchange for my review.

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