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Monday, November 15, 2010

Gratitude Challenge Day 15

I am very grateful for today because it is my husbands birthday. I am very thankful that God has given him another year to be here with us and that he is so willing to put our interests before his own.

Deer hunting season always falls on his birthday. For those of you who know Mike, knows that he isn't very fond of hunting. I don't think it is really the hunting, it is being out in the cold sitting there for hours at a time and some years day after day. I think he was relieved when our son was old enough to go hunting on his own & then our oldest daughter decided that she wanted to start hunting, so he took her. Now this year she has moved away & he thought he might not have to go, but our 9 year old daughter decided she wanted to start hunting. He was off work yesterday so he took her & and they got a deer. I think he was glad to get it out of the way, now he doesn't have to hunt on his birthday.


Michelle Smith said...

I am super-thankful for venison when it is in my freezer. My husband does not especially enjoy hunting, so we get most of our from the processors or from friends.

Catherine said...

I hope your husband had a happy birthday. It sure worked out well that he got the deer yesterday!

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