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Friday, October 15, 2010

The crisp winds of autumn have blown TWO special deals into the Schoolhouse Store for


Usually our crazy deals are on one item--


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Option A:

Just $19.95 for The 2010-2011 Schoolhouse Planner. Plus, receive the gorgeous Cranberries & Cream Homeschooling with Heart tote bag for free!

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Only $19.95 for the May 2010 Expo To Go OR the Fall 2010 Expo To Go, and receive the Cranberries & Cream Homeschooling with Heart tote bag for FREE.
Select from the May 2010 Expo To Go or the Fall 2010 Expo To Go!

You save 43% in all--for ONE DAY ONLY.

Either offer is only $19.95 and both offers give you the beautiful Cranberries & Cream Homeschooling with Heart tote bag for FREE.

But you have to act fast-the wind is changing and this offer is only here for one day!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Talking Fingers

Say, I've got something to Say....
No, can't stand in my way...
I talk and my fingers obey..
I can read, I can read, I can write, I can write, I can type whenever I say, YES!
~~ Read, Write &  Learn Jingle

Is your child learning to read, struggling with phonics or just needing some review? Then Read, Write and Type from Talking Fingers might be just what you need. This program uses your child's eyes, ears, mouth and fingers to learn their phonics while learning to type. This program is for K-3 or you could use it with children who are late readers. The Home edition is good for 5 years.

The program uses two talking hands to rescue letters from the bad guy. Each lesson introduces you to a new letter and it's sound and the child has to recognize if the pictures have that sound at the beginning, middle or end of the word. Then they move on to the playground where they practice typing to get all the way across to get to the story tree. At the story tree the child types a few short phrases that make up a story, once the phrases are typed there is a short animation of the story they made. If they make to many mistakes they are sent back to the beginning of the section.

My daughter (and her sisters who aren't doing the program) really like the jingle at the beginning of the program. Every day Alaina gets on the computer for Talking Finger time we all have a short intermission from school to sing along with the jingle. They also really like the email portion of the program. They can send and receive emails from kids throughout the world. This helps them with their typing, spelling and reading skills. You could also use this as a little geography lesson, by showing them where the email came from on a map.

There were a few times during the program that my daughter could not hear the word correctly that she was suppose to type. There is a pair lips to click on to hear the word or words again, but sometimes they just weren't clear enough for her to hear. The other thing that frustrated her was that when she learned how to type capital letters, she would sometimes hit the caps lock and then the next letter would not type because it was not suppose to be a capital. It never told her what she was doing wrong. She knew she was typing the correct letter, just not realizing that the caps lock was on.

While Alaina was using this program we did not change her regular curriculum phonics order to match this one. It was good review of the sounds she already knew and when we came to a new sound in her school books she would say "I already know this sound from Talking Fingers." It boosted her confidence to think she already knew something in her school book.

I think this is a very good program for younger kids to learn to type & recognize their sounds while having fun. Talking Fingers was very generous to us, they gave us a one-year subscription to use with my 5 year old daughter. She has learned a lot in the month we have been using it & we plan on finishing the program.

Wow! You can get a FIVE-year subscription to Read, Write & Type online program for $35 per child, there is a discount for multiple children.  The program can also be purchased in CD form for $79 here.  You can check out other products from Talking Fingers here. You can sample the first eight of lessons for free.
You can check out what other TOS Crew members had to say about Read, Write & Type here.
As a member of the TOS Crew I received a one-year subscription to Read, Write & Type to use in our homeschool in exchange for my honest review.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tag, You’re it!! – I Want to Know!

Catherine from Our Village is a Little Different tagged me in this fun meme. She gave me 8 questions to answer, and then I will tag 8 people to answer 8 questions I think up. Here are the 8 questions Catherine asked me....
1. What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud? Funny things my kids say. We were having devotions and I read "shall be", when I was finished reading my 5 year old said, "I didn't know "Shelby" was in the Bible." (Shelby is my daughter-in-law).
2.  Do you have any pet peeves? My biggest pet peeve would be whistling in the house. I know that my kids are in a good mood when they do this, but it is very irritating to me.
3. Which is your favorite domestic duty? That would have to be baking. I have decorated wedding cakes for 20 years and I love Christmas. Every year in Dec. we make a lot of peanut butterballs, and decorate sugar cookies. My kids aren't big fans of icing any more so we give our cookies away, but we do still love peanut butterballs. I have several groups of kids and adults come into my home to make real gingerbread houses.
4. Is there anything you'd like to do when the children are all grown? My oldest child is 19 & my youngest is 5, so it will be awhile before that time actually comes around & it has been awhile since I have thought about it. I would probably open a bakery or a restaurant. I love to be in the kitchen.
5. What can always cheer you? A phone call from a good friend.
6. Are you a very organized person? I try to be but sometimes life gets in the way.
7. Do you have a special thought that helps you in your daily life? Whatever you do, do your work heartily as for the Lord rather than for men. Colossians 3:23
8. Are you a morning person, or a night owl? I like to stay up late & usually regret it in the morning.

I am going to tag these 8 people and list 8 questions of my own for you to answer.

Circling Through This Life
Under the Golden Apple Tree
Accidentally Homeschooling
C.H.I.N.A. Chronicles
A House Upon a Rock Homeschool
Topsy Turvy Things
A Stable Beginning
Cobwebs And Kisses

Here are my 8 questions & answers.

1. What activities make you lose track of time? When we are really enjoying a book in our read aloud time, and scrapbooking with friends.
2. What is your favorite grade or subject to teach? I really like teaching my kids to read. It is so much fun to see them finally get it & to enjoy reading.
3. If you could go to dinner at any restaurant where would it be and what would you order? I would go to Olive Garden and order Chicken Parmesan & White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake.
4. What is the most unusual thing your family does for fun? We love to go tanking down the river.
5. What is the weirdest item you have in your purse? I always have dental floss, you never know when you'll need it.
6. Can you play an instrument or aspire to do so? I played the clarinet in high school and that is where I left it. Once in awhile I think I would want to play again, but I don't have a big desire to do so.
7. What was your profession before you started homeschooling or are you working while homeschooling?  I was in the Air Force as a Security Police Specialist until our first child was born, and then I started decorating cakes from our home and continue to do so.
8. When was the last time you tried something new? I would probably be this blog, this is out of context for me, I am usually a very private person.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Do You Need A Plan?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, not knowing what needs to be done? Do you decide what to fix for dinner at the last minute only to find out you're out of what you need? Do your kids always ask what to do at chore time? Does your husband remember all the maintenance that has been done or need to be done on your vehicles?
All you need is a plan!

This planner contains 614 pages of forms and articles for everyone in the family.

The forms may be filled in & saved on your computer or if you prefer you can print them out to write on them.
Calendar forms so you can see the whole month at the same time.

Homeschool forms to plan your school by the week, month, or 6 and 9 week quarters.
Keep track of state requirements, standardized testing, progress reports, end of year evaluations, report cards & high school transcripts.
Log sheets for books you've read, crafts you've completed, items you loan out & field trips.
Forms for Co-ops, conventions & even your preschoolers.
School forms include Science labs, book reports, journal & alphabet practice.
You can organize your home with menu planners, grocery lists, home repairs & chore charts.
(My daughter with her cookbook filling in the monthly menu planner)
Need to get on a budget or just keep track of your spending? You can do that with financial forms.
Spiritual forms include prayer journal pages, bible reading schedules & a place to keep track of sermon notes & your bible memorization.
Plan your vacation, garden or Christmas card list.
Don't forget about Dad. Make him a planner with the car maintenance schedule & directions.

WAIT! There's more.
For each month of the year there are articles, resource lists & recipes.
Don't forget about the educational information. Presidents, states, colonies, bible stories, common Greek & Latin roots are just a few.

Now you can get your kids just as organized as you are with the new student planners. They are available in four grade levels, one for primary, secondary, middle & high school.

Teach your kids to be responsible for their own schedules. Keep track of schoolwork, library books, practices, lessons, & set goals. There are handy reference charts for multiplication tables, planets, branches of government and many more. Everything your child needs to get their schedules organized is now in one great planner. You can purchase the primary planner for $9.95 the secondary planner for $9.95 the  middle school planner for $19.00 and the high school planner for $29.00. Or planners can be purchased in different bundles for TOS Store.

This planner contains all the forms you need to get your school, home, finances & spiritual walk with God organized.

The Planner can be purchased for immediate download for $39.00 here.

You can also purchase The planner on CD for $44.00 here.

As a member of the TOS Crew, I received The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner at no charge in order to compete in The Old Schoolhouse advertising campaign, making me eligible to get a prize.
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