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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My nine year old daughter loves to play games. She doesn't like to do Math. She was very excited when I told her we were getting a new card game from I See Cards to review. She couldn't wait to open the package when it came in the mail......until she opened it and saw the name PYRAMATH. She said "You didn't tell me it was a math game."

We sat down and played & she loved it! I loved it! Her dad "Mr. I Don't Like Games" even had a good time playing. He even wants his own deck to take when he travels for work. I think he is afraid to get beat by his daughter.

PYRAMATH is a card game from I SEE CARDS. The deck includes 56 playing cards and one instructional card. Printed on each card is the number along with English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Roman and Arabic translations and symbols. In our package we received a flyer with basic instructions for the 2 player game and the booklet Dr. Ron's Succeeding in Mathematics with Games.

The basic 2 player games is played by placing 5 or 7 cards in the center of two people. The first player turns over a card to reveal a number & it is played in between two of the starting cards to eventually form a pyramid. Player one continues until the drawn card cannot be played. Then player two proceeds to make a pyramid on his side using the same 5 or 7 cards dealt at the beginning. The number card that is drawn can be played using math operations. For example if the dealt cards are 3 and 8 side-by-side you can play a 5(8-3+5), 1(8+3=11), or 4(8x3=24). The first person to form a pyramid wins.

Dr. Ray's booklet explains other games to be played with the PYRAMATH cards. He also says that he wants to make math enjoyable for kids & that 60 % of them are "turned off" of math by the 4th grade.

My 9 year old played the game using all the math operations, and really improved her speed as we played, daughter #2 who is 8 played the game only using addition and subtraction, and with my 5 year old we placed any number that came between the dealt cards and lower addition.

PYRAMATH SPEED can be played online. WARNING: If you like number games this can be very addicting! We would play online to see if we could beat each others times. I even won a free deck of cards for being in the August top ten. (Thank You I SEE CARDS!) While we were on their website we also found that they have a speed game for one of their other card games called Fractazmic and we had to try it out. We were hooked the first time we tried it. Right now my 9 year old daughter and I are tied with the highest score of 44 for the month of September. (See if you can beat us!) She wants to play almost every day to see if she get higher. Now she has an obsession with fractions, today during school she wanted to skip to the lessons on fractions in her Math book so she can figure them out faster.

I SEE CARDS offer four card games right now and they are working on other math games. They have PYRAMATH, Fractazmic, Prime Bomb and I See Cards. Each deck can be purchased for $6.95 or they have different bundle prices. There is also a section on their website where teachers can tell how they used these cards in the classroom.

I would recommend these cards for everyone. We loved them and are planning on ordering the other card games also. I was even thinking of ordering some to give as gifts. You can read other Homeschool Crew reviews here.

I received a free deck of PYRAMATH cards from I See Cards for use in my family in exchange for my honest review.

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KatieCorbett said...

I had never heard of this product before, but it sounds great!! I will have to check it out!! Thanks!!

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