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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Homeschool Moms & Free Time

The Homeschool Crew also has the opportunity to write for the Homeschool Blog Cruise. This is the first one that I have had the time to participate in.

The question this week is How do you find free time? Is it okay to take time for yourself? If so, how?

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day activities of a homeschool family that as mothers we can neglect ourselves. I have noticed in my own life that if I take time for myself in the morning the whole day seems to go better. I feel like I more organized & I have more patience with my kids throughout the day and I don't get frustrated when unexpected things happen.

Everyone is different and I think different people need different amounts of free time. I have never really been one to need time away from my family & responsibilities, which is a good thing since my husband is gone about 30 hours at a time for his job. He doesn't have scheduled days off & is always on call. All of our extended family live about 1000 miles from us, so my kids don't even have visits with grandparents or cousins. Any free time I have is early in the morning or late at night.

I try to use the most of the free time that I do have. I love to get up early in the morning before anyone else. I use this quiet time to study my bible and read the paper. The day seems to go so much better when I do this.

I decorate wedding cakes, so I am usually up very late on Friday night, even though I am working I use this time to pray or think and just enjoy the quiet. Unless one of my kids have something to talk about & then they come & sit in the kitchen with me for some one on one time. Now that I don't have any teenagers at home this doesn't happen as often & I miss it.

When my children were younger and I felt like I needed a break or we were having a bad day we would go for a walk. They loved riding in the wagon & there was room for snacks and a few toys. It was very soothing to have that time to just think and get some exercise. Now that we are out of the baby & toddler stage it is easier to carve a few minutes out of the day. They all love to read so anytime during the day I need some time everyone gets a book & has a few minutes of quiet.

Now that my oldest son is married & is living in our town I have actually had a few evenings alone. I'll be honest here, I didn't know what to do by myself. I really enjoy having my husband & kids around. Other than my morning devotion time I would gladly give up any "me time" to be with my family.

You can read other Crew members answers on the Blog Cruise.


Catherine (Alecat Music) said...

Hi! Just dropping by from the Crew.
I agree with going for a walk when things get too hard. Just changing the environment can help everyone. ☺

Jodi said...

Thanks for participating in Blog Cruise! I really enjoyed your post, and see a lot of similarities to my own. I'm now following you! :)

Vickie said...

Great post! Every year my family ask what I want for Mother's Day....mainly wanting to know if I want a spa day or shopping day all to myself. I tell them all I want is everyone home and time together. When they are grown and out of the house, then I'll worry about all that me time I could ever want.

God's Blessings

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