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Friday, September 24, 2010

Christmas in August

I had told my girls that they would be receiving some animal figurines to review & they didn't seem very excited, until a few days later we were at our local farm and ranch store and they were very joyously looking over the animals by the check out. I looked over to tell them we needed to go & noticed the sign above read Schleich, I told them that was the company that is sending the animals to review. They were so excited! You would think that it was Christmas. They wanted to go straight home to see if we had received them. Every day after that they eagerly awaited the Fed Ex delivery.

The package finally came & it was just like Christmas at our house. They were so excited to get it open. Of course I made them wait a few more minutes while I took a picture. Schleich company sent us 8 animals. We received a Dartmoor pony, Przewalski's horse, Donkey, Swabian-Hall piglet (eating), Asian elephant calf, Okapi, Gnu, a Gnu calf and a catalog. My girls love playing with animals, so these were very well received. The Playing & Collecting 2010 booklet that Schleich sent with the animals is a small catalog and the girls look through it over and over again. They put a check beside the new ones & the ones they already own. All three of them have a wish list ready for Christmas.

My children love the Schleich products & so do I. As we were searching through our toys to see what other animals we had from them, we noticed that our killer whale that stays in the bathtub is from Schleich. I don't remember when we bought this, but the bottom is dated 2004. I don't know about your bathtub toys, but ours usually end up in the trash after just a short time, but this whale is still in perfect condition and has outlasted all the other tub toys. This has been a favorite of my kids for years.

Schleich figurines are designed for children's hands and are as realistic as possible. When deciding on figures other than animals they place more importance on the educational value then possible sales potential. They focus on the character & message of the figures.

The Schleich line includes: Farm Life, Wild Life, Prehistoric Animals, Knights, American Indians, Smurfs & Bayala. They also have props to use for your play for each category such as trees, huts, airplanes, wagons, etc. The figures vary in price and can be purchased at specialty toy shops, farm & ranch stores, Target, & Toys "R" Us. You can search for a location near you on their website, or shop from a list of online retailers.

The Schleich Company was founded in 1935 by Friedrich Schleich. Today the company is owned by the European Private-Equity-Investors HgCapital. The production takes place in the company's German headquarters and other foreign country facilities. The figurines are all hand painted and the Master craftsmen spend up to six weeks on the finest details.

We have enjoyed Schleich products for years and will continue to do so in the future. We would highly recommend these figures to anyone of any age.

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As a member of TOS Crew we received these 8 animals for free in exchange for our honest review of their fine assortment of animal figures.


Catherine said...

Your daughters are beautiful, and what a lovely corral they made! I'm glad they enjoyed the toys. My boys did, too!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my review. Love the story about the tub toy. It is so true that most of ours wind up in the trash. Great review! I'm following your blog now, too. :)

KatieCorbett said...

we loved these toys too!!!

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