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Friday, October 1, 2010

Do You Need A Plan?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, not knowing what needs to be done? Do you decide what to fix for dinner at the last minute only to find out you're out of what you need? Do your kids always ask what to do at chore time? Does your husband remember all the maintenance that has been done or need to be done on your vehicles?
All you need is a plan!

This planner contains 614 pages of forms and articles for everyone in the family.

The forms may be filled in & saved on your computer or if you prefer you can print them out to write on them.
Calendar forms so you can see the whole month at the same time.

Homeschool forms to plan your school by the week, month, or 6 and 9 week quarters.
Keep track of state requirements, standardized testing, progress reports, end of year evaluations, report cards & high school transcripts.
Log sheets for books you've read, crafts you've completed, items you loan out & field trips.
Forms for Co-ops, conventions & even your preschoolers.
School forms include Science labs, book reports, journal & alphabet practice.
You can organize your home with menu planners, grocery lists, home repairs & chore charts.
(My daughter with her cookbook filling in the monthly menu planner)
Need to get on a budget or just keep track of your spending? You can do that with financial forms.
Spiritual forms include prayer journal pages, bible reading schedules & a place to keep track of sermon notes & your bible memorization.
Plan your vacation, garden or Christmas card list.
Don't forget about Dad. Make him a planner with the car maintenance schedule & directions.

WAIT! There's more.
For each month of the year there are articles, resource lists & recipes.
Don't forget about the educational information. Presidents, states, colonies, bible stories, common Greek & Latin roots are just a few.

Now you can get your kids just as organized as you are with the new student planners. They are available in four grade levels, one for primary, secondary, middle & high school.

Teach your kids to be responsible for their own schedules. Keep track of schoolwork, library books, practices, lessons, & set goals. There are handy reference charts for multiplication tables, planets, branches of government and many more. Everything your child needs to get their schedules organized is now in one great planner. You can purchase the primary planner for $9.95 the secondary planner for $9.95 the  middle school planner for $19.00 and the high school planner for $29.00. Or planners can be purchased in different bundles for TOS Store.

This planner contains all the forms you need to get your school, home, finances & spiritual walk with God organized.

The Planner can be purchased for immediate download for $39.00 here.

You can also purchase The planner on CD for $44.00 here.

As a member of the TOS Crew, I received The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner at no charge in order to compete in The Old Schoolhouse advertising campaign, making me eligible to get a prize.

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