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Saturday, June 12, 2010

We have been homeschooling since 1995 and we just completed our very first e-book. The three children that we are still homeschooling were so excited to take a week off from their regular work to try something new. We used the Expedition Australia from the Download N Go Series by Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse magazine. This E-Book can be purchased at for just $7.95.

In Expedition Australia you get to create a lapbook. This is a very good hands on activity for all ages and really helps in the retention of the material learned. This e-book makes lapbooking easy, it provides you with enough worksheets to fill in and cut out for your lapbook. This freed up some time for me to enjoy the study with my kids.

Through our journey we compared our time and temperature differences
discovered wild animals, native people, their culture, and the words they use. We traveled around the globe to see how many miles away from Australia we are. My girls were so impressed with this E-Book that they want to make a lapbook for other continents and countries.

The research that went into this e-book was very well done. The websites we were directed to had a wealth of information. There was plenty of reading and lots of pictures for the little ones. Although our library didn’t have all the books on the additional reading list available, we didn’t have a problem finding other resources to use.

This E-Book is recommended for K-4 grades, which was perfect for us. My three daughters are 5, 7 & 9 years old. There is plenty of information included for their learning levels. My 9 year old always has to go above and beyond what is required of her, so she did some additional research on her own which made her lapbook even more different and personal than her sisters. At $7.95 this purchase is well worth it. My girls had a well deserved break from their curriculum and it provided me with a week to enjoy learning with them.

Can I have a lollie?

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